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Trump issues 12-page statement amid Jan. 6 hearings alleging he plotted a 'coup'

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Trump sends a 12-page statement to reporters following the second House public hearing.

His statement is full of his characteristic exclamations and insults, calling the hearings "a smoke and mirrors show

And including "all exculpatory witnesses, and anyone who so easily points out the flaws in the process

However, the statement did not directly respond to the specifics laid out by the committee to the public thus far

including testimony earlier Monday from Trump's inner circle that he knew he had lost the last presidential race and had no legitimate reason to claim widespread fraud

instead choosing to listen to Rudy Giuliani to falsely claim victory over Joe Biden.

Trump went after Biden and the Democratic majority in Congress during a rally. Trump made it clear that Democrats were to blame for a variety of issues plaguing the country.

Democratic leaders have failed to solve any of the Americans' problems. People are desperate for change and hope. Trump says Democrats are rehashing history in hopes of changing their narrative.

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