Justin Bieber Has Even More Bad News Following Serious Diagnosis

Justin Bieber is the latest musician whose shows have to be moved. During the COVID-19 pandemic

many artists had to cancel or reschedule shows. Adele, for example, had to delay her Las Vegas residency just before it was supposed to start

Justice" tour has also had to cancel a few shows, but it's not because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

On June 11, the singer used Instagram to tell his fans that he was having trouble with a condition called Ramsay Hunt. 

In the video clip, Bieber told his fans, "My face is paralysed because of a virus that attacks the nerve in my ear and the nerves in my face."

He then showed how he couldn't move one side of his face. "This eye doesn't blink, as you can see. On this side of my face, I can't smile.

Bieber told his fans that he was going to rest and get better during this time. He also said that he was upset that he had to cancel the shows.

Some of Bieber's famous friends also left comments on the post to wish him well as he gets better.