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Samagra Portal 2022: Samagra Family Member ID, SSSM ID Download, KYC Update

Samagra Portal was launched by Madhya Pradesh’s Social Welfare Department on 2022. This portal allows Uttar Pradesh natives to obtain a family ID, which will allow them to access government schemes more easily. If you are a citizen of Uttar Pradesh and have not registered on the Samagra portal yet, we will inform you about this information. To register on this portal you don’t need to visit any government department. . Register on the Samagra Portal 2022 from your home to get your family ID. This portal is designed to make it easy for citizens of Madhya Pradesh to access government schemes.

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Samagra Portal: Earlier the schemes were implemented by different departments under the Madhya Pradesh government. However, the database of beneficiaries registered in all schemes administered by departments was not accessible online. There was no transparency in the execution of these schemes due to the inaccessibility of accurate details about the beneficiaries to the departments.

The beneficiary also had to apply repeatedly to take advantage of the schemes, and repeatedly had to submit his identity and documents/certificates related to the scheme such as caste certificate, income certificate, etc. as well as the application. Through all of these procedures, applicants were irritated and registration took longer. With this in mind, this is why the government has created Samagra. Samagra portal.

Composite Portal 2022

The samagra id operates by a principle called ‘ Bahujan Hitaya Bahujan Sukhay’ . It literally means ‘for the benefit of increasing numbers of people and to ensure the happiness of many more people’. This is a sutra located in Rigveda. In the wake of this sutra Gautam Buddha (in the 5th century BC) instructed his followers to contribute to the welfare and happiness of every man. Samagra ID is a type of ID that is used by families.

Anyone who is a resident of Madhya Pradesh can very easily sign up on the Samagra portal. To apply for a job on the Samagra portal, the person applying must possess all required documents. Samagra Portal’s official website is After registering the family, you will get two types of Samagra ID, after registration, your family will be 8 digits fast and then the overall ID of each person or family member will be 9 digits. Registration for a single person is not possible on the society portal. If someone wants his own 9-digit composite ID then they need to register the entire family first.

Advantages of Composite ID

If you have a samagra ID and a valid samagra id, you can avail of these schemes easily, in order to join any scheme, it’s required to present a samagra id If you don’t possess our ID, then you are unable to benefit from this scheme. It is possible to be disqualified from lifting.

  • With the aid of Samagra ID, it’s extremely simple for students to get enrolled in any college or high school university.
  • If one has a Samagra ID and is able to apply online for access to any scheme in two minutes.
  • It is essential to have an ID that is comprehensive to be able to benefit from the vast schemes of the Government of India such as the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana or Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana.
  • To be eligible for the scholarship the applicant must submit the Samagra ID application form to be eligible for the scholarship.

In addition to the benefits discussed in the studies, There are numerous additional benefits that are easily accessible with a Samagra ID.

How to do Samagra Portal Pan Registration?

If you’re looking to obtain an individual and family identification card by signing up on the portal samaj, you need to adhere to the steps listed below carefully and you will be able to obtain your samagra id from the Samaj portal.

  • To register on the Samagra Portal, first, you have to go to the official website which is
  • When you visit the official site that is part of Samagra, after visiting the official website of the Samagra portal, you’ll find options to sign up an entire family Click on this link.
  • When you click on the option above and you will be directed to a different website on which you’ll be asked to enter your Permanent email address and the details of the family head and upload the printed document required. After filling in your details and uploading the necessary documents after which you click the Register Application.

How can I get a composite ID?

If you’ve lost your Samagra Member ID for any reason and you want to retrieve it with the assistance of the Samagra Portal then you have to follow the steps outlined below.

  • To get the Samagra ID, first, you go to the official website of Samaj Reporter
  • On the official site of the Samagra portal you’ll find the option to use a mobile phone number under the section you can find the samagra ID select this option.
  • Then you’ll need to type in your phone number where you input the mobile number you used to register with when you registered with Samagra. Samagra portal. Once you have entered the mobile number, select the member’s information to obtain the Samagra ID.

Benefits direct are accessible through these plans by using Samagra ID.

The benefits of different schemes are made available through the samagra id portal. interactions with samagra id are as follows:

  1. School, College Scholarship Scheme
  2. Food at low rates under Public Ration Distribution System (PDS)
  3. Insurance
  4. All Pension Schemes
  5. marriage assistance scheme
  6. Compensation amount
  7. National Family Assistance Scheme,
  8. Common man’s insurance as well
  9. Maternity Leave Assistance Scheme
  10. The transfer of different schemes amounts is done through the verified and registered savings accounts that are on the website for the beneficiary.

This has enabled to make sure that transparency is maintained in beneficiary-focused schemes and to assess the benefits of these schemes quickly.

In the article we’ve attempted to provide complete details regarding this portal Samagra Portal 2022 to you in a simple manner, but in case you have read this piece and, you have questions about your experience with the Samagra Portal, then you can ask them by commenting below.

Benefits of Composite ID

These are samagra ID interactions (see below).

  • Citizens are eligible to take advantage of the programs offered by the state, based on their ability to qualify.
  • Multiple verification of beneficiaries and duplicates of schemes are averted.
  • The list of ineligible and eligible beneficiaries is made clear in the plan.
  • The person who is eligible does not need to apply repeatedly to avail of the different schemes.
  • The online application process is required to apply to apply for the BPL card for rationing.
  • At the time of gaining admission to schools, it’s mandatory to include a photocopy of the samagra ID along with the school application.
  • If a child is enrolled within the ID holder family, he will be awarded an award of a scholarship.
  • Samagra ID (sssmid) assists pensioners get a 100 percent pension.
  • The card’s to be used is produced by registering an ID on the Samagra portal in order to get the creation of a new Ration card.

What is SSSM ID?

Samagra ID is issued as part of the Samagra Social Security Mission. In English it’s known as Samagra the Samajik Sreksha Mission ID (sssmid) SSSSM ID which is why Smagr ID is also commonly referred to as Samagra Social Security Mission ID (sssmid).

What is the number of digits in the Samagra Family ID?

A family ID of 8 numbers can be issued to each of families. This includes IDs for all family members.

In this article we’ve attempted to provide complete details about this portal Samagra Portal 2022 to you in simple terms, in case you have read this piece and, you are still unsure about this Samagra Portal, then you should ask us by leaving a comment below.

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