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RCH portal The government of India has been striving to control the population growth in the country through various schemes and initiatives. The Reproductive and Child Health Society is one of the important organizations working in this direction. The objective of the Society is to establish appropriate measures for population control and to improve reproductive and child health care in the country. Society has been working towards this goal by creating awareness about the importance of family planning, providing training to health care providers, and by conducting research on reproductive and child health issues.

The Reproductive and Child Health Program offers many services and facilities to support the health and well-being of pregnant women and babies. The program provides guidance to pregnant women through the RCH portal, collects information from them, and provides assistance as needed. This program helps ensure that pregnant women and their babies have the best possible health outcomes.

What is RCH Portal?

The Reproductive Child Health Society was established in 1997 to promote the health and welfare of women and children. The RCH program, also known as the Reproductive and Child Health Program, is a government initiative that aims to improve the health of reproductive, maternal, newborn, and child health. This portal provides information and support on issues such as infertility, pregnancy, sexual health, and safety for both husband and wife.

The main objective of the Reproductive and Child Health Program is to improve the health of women and children by regenerating, regulating, and regenerating fertility in people. The RCH Portal has been launched under this program to make it successful. The objectives of the Reproductive and Child Health Program are as follows:

  1. To improve the health of women and children by regenerating, regulating, and regenerating fertility in people.
  2. To enable women to safely undergo pregnancy, delivery, and healthy pregnancy outcomes.
  3. To improve child welfare by providing better health care and nutrition.

The government has set a number of goals to improve the health of the population, including reducing the birth rate, reducing infant mortality, reducing maternal mortality, increasing institutional deliveries, and providing 100% vaccination to all newborns. In addition, the government is working to improve health services in the country.


The benefits of the Reproductive and Child Health Program portal and the features of the portal include the ability to access health services for the healthy benefit of women and children. The portal also provides health services provided by the Reproductive and Child Health Program (RCH) program of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

  • All pregnant women will have access to the care they need thanks to the site.
  • Pregnant women will be able to get health information through the platform.
  • The program’s goal is to lower the mortality rate among expectant mothers.
  • Pregnant women will be able to keep tabs on their medical records thanks to the site.
  • There will be a decrease in the mortality rate of pregnant and postpartum women.
    Pregnant women will be able to access their information on their mobile phones using their ID numbers thanks to the Women Portal.
  • Vaccine-related information may be found on the portal at the convenience of one’s own home.
  • Pregnant women will be able to get information on the vaccine through the portal, which will include information about pre-delivery diagnostics.

Aspects of RCH

There are four steps in the RCH process. The following are the four steps:

  1. Family Planning – To focus on the techniques of population control under the RCH program and study on the failing components of population control programs.

2 . Securing Motherhood – Ensuring the health of pregnant women and giving assistance for good care throughout pregnancy.

Provide nutrition, vaccination, and postpartum health monitoring for pregnant women in this phase of the RCH portal. 3. Care for Mothers

  • Care for Children – The RCH webpage seeks to educate parents about information connected to immunization by pregnant women for nursing their kids and to take care of the health of newborn babies.

The RCH Portal Registration for the Year 2022 (RCH Portal Registration Rch.nhm.gov.in)

Program for Reproductive and Child Health is the full name of RCH In order to take use of the amenities offered to the recipient, first you have to register yourself on the site. How to register on rch.nhm.gov.in? For this read the steps mentioned below carefully –

The ANM uses the register to verify your identity when you first sign up for an account on the portal.

Beneficiaries will be included in this on the basis of identification through a household survey.

Identification numbers are not issued to the recipients by the ANM.
Your data is forwarded to the RCH portal’s data input operator once you’ve been recognized.

In the data, you’ll find the following details about each village:
Monitoring of eligible couples who are taking birth control.
Women who are or will be pregnant are being tracked.
Children tracking.
On entering the RCH portal, a 12-digit ID number is provided to the recipient.
In this method, your registration will be done.

Note – This curriculum is broken into 2 stages. Pregnant mothers and their children will benefit from this portal’s resources. With the aid of the site, registered pregnant women and their children after birth will be able to obtain information linked to the immunization for two and a half years with the use of an ID number. With the aid of this 12-digit ID, mothers will be able to receive their children from any section of the nation, as well as get information relevant to immunizations with the use of the site.

How to Login to RCH Portal? RCH LOGIN PROCESS

RCH portal login – what’s the procedure? For this, you have to follow the procedures listed below –

First of all, you have to visit the official website of RCH Portal rch.nhm.gov.in.
When you first access the website, you will be sent to the homepage, where you must pick the “Data Entry” option.

On this new page, you have to input your state name, state code, user name, password, and captcha code.

After entering, you have to click on the login button.
In this approach, the procedure of login of the applicant will be finished.

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